July 17, 2008

30,000 Reasons I'm Thankful for Grace

I never tire of flying. Now the wait and airport security lines, etc. can be a pain, but that thrill of accelerating so quickly down the runway that you’re forced back in your seat, the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when the tail of the plane leaves the ground, and the initial climb when the plane banks a hard turn to one side are just simply unbeatable! It’s here, climbing to 30,000 ft., passing through multiple cloud layers, watching civilization below grow smaller by the second that you realize how tiny we really are, no matter how big our ego may be. I know God hates pride, but I have to wonder if He chuckles a bit some times when we celebrate what we consider a large accomplishment such as flying.

I also love flying because it allows me several hours that I really can do nothing else but be alone with my thoughts and Jesus.  It’s awesome and scary all at the same time because I have some great time for prayer and introspection. It’s there that I am continually reminded of how rotten and utterly selfish I am deep down. That’s why the cross of Christ keeps blowing my mind!! I’m terrible, yet Christ chose to take my sins upon Himself and bear my punishment? He loved me before I cared anything about Him and actually worked against Him the Bible says. To me why God loves us so much will always be a mystery. I’m just so thankful that He does and that He is continually working in me and sanctifying me to be more like Himself. I’m also thankful that Christ is my reward here on Earth as well as in Heaven. That’s right, Heaven isn’t our reward… It’s just the magnificent place we get to enjoy Christ for eternity.

Jesus is the object of my affection and worship. Even if I try to clean myself up and be a “good”, “moral” person, without Christ, I am an Idolator because I looked inside of me and my will to “clean me up”, making myself or other people’s thoughts about morality my god. I’m so glad I have the Word and Spirit of Jesus Christ as my God and my guide. I can do nothing apart from Him. The Bible says that for the Believer, it is His Spirit in us that gives us the will and the strength to act in righteousness.

I challenge you to introspection. Just you, your gut-level honest thoughts (the real you), and Jesus! If you don’t come out of it with praise in our heart for His never-failing, never-ending Grace… you might want to look again! (Rom 3:23). Praise God for His compassion and mercy for pitiful people that He changes and uses for His Glory! Jesus I belong to You! You do with me what pleases You!

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