A Father’s Day Encouragement

This is NOT a dad-bashing Father’s Day post! There are times for correction & admonition when men aren’t doing their jobs, but not right now. There are a lot of dads out there that take their God-ordained roles and responsibilities seriously and strive hard to be good stewards of our families. It’s good to be reminded of the weight and importance of our role, but we also need to be encouraged in it! It is a long, tough, challenging responsibility to be a dad, but the benefits are more than worth it to remain faithful. So, dads, keep praying, keep seeking God, keep loving and leading your family well, and keep “fighting the good fight of the faith!” (1 Tim 6:12-16). The original post below was posted last Father’s Day 2010.

What a great day to remember and honor our dads. My crew does such a great job every year of letting me know how much they love me, but then again, they do that all year around anyway. I wanted to offer a word of encouragement to all dads today. You are important! Your role is huge! Never underestimate that, or you may wind up spiraling down into depression wondering if all your work and effort really make a difference. It does. More than we know.

Think about it… God allows you the honor of sharing one of His special names–Father. This means that you will impact the way your kids see God as their heavenly Father. That is a big deal! What a great role! What a great title, position, and privilege… Dad–Family Shepherd!

Your relationship with God matters more than you think it does because your life impacts more than just you. The best thing you could do for yourself and your family is seek God and worship Him without rivals. When you fail, repent, remember, and rely on the grace of God given to us in the work of His Son. Then you will be able to teach your children about the beauty of Christ; with your words and your life.

I really can’t get enough of this video!

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