November 26, 2014

Gospel Centered Advent Guide & Website

I love the holiday season! Every year I look forward to spending time with family and friends, and eating lots of delicious food that normally only shows up once a year. This is also a season in which our culture will try to lure our attention to focus only on material things and whatever the “Christmas spirit” is. My wife and I have thought about, prayed about, and wrestled through (for years), how to keep our and our children’s focus on Christ through this season. Celebrating Advent has been one very helpful way for us to do that.

We did it the traditional way for a few years, but it always felt a little weird to me that the guides we used would spend an entire month focusing only on Christ’s birth, never really delving into the reasons for His birth, nor the implications of His work. So, every year, I would search and research different Advent guides trying to find the one that best fit our family’s beliefs and needs.

A couple of years ago I found a guide that focused on the entire gospel story, which is exactly what I wanted. Since then I have modified it and added to it each year to fit my family’s needs and help our children understand that all of life is about Jesus-all of His life and work, not just His birth. What I ended up with is our Gospel Centered Advent Guide that my family uses every year. From year to year we may do some different activities, but our devotional format remains the same.

I wanted to find a helpful, creative way to share this resource with other people who are looking for a gospel centered approach to leading their family through the holiday season. Since building websites is a hobby of mine, I thought building a website/mobile app would be a fun way to share it. You can use the website from your home computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. I also have a link on the website for a PDF download if you want. As I say in the guide, it is only a guide (collection of suggestions). Please feel free to use it, change it, download it, or share it however you feel best fits your family. I enjoyed creating it, I pray you enjoy using it and that it is beneficial to your family’s spiritual growth as you focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, His birth, and works for us this season. God bless!

Gospel Centered Advent Website & Mobile App

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