November 20, 2011

Advent Season Devotional Guide

The Advent season is a time for reflecting and focusing on the realities that are ours in Christ as a result of His first coming into human history as a man. It is easy in our culture to get wrapped up in all the hustle, noise, pageantry, and commercialism of it all. I know, I did it for years. That’s why I search every year for great resources that will help me, as a dad, keep my family focused on Christ and still enjoy the traditions and togetherness and gifts of the season.

The guide that I have provided is something that I ran across at the Village Church’s website. Most of the personal and family devotions come from their guide. My family and I haven’t gone through this particular guide together, but I read through it and trust the leadership at that church. I think we and everyone else will benefit greatly from it. I also added a few things to it that I will be doing with my family. So, I wanted to put it all together and offer it to other families for this holiday season.

It’s a little different than your traditional Advent devotional that would normally focus the whole 4 weeks on Christ’s Messianic prophecies and His birth. This guide goes through the prophecies, His birth, His death and resurrection, and our hope in a Heavenly Kingdom to come. It helps us understand not only how Christ came (as a baby boy) but also why He came and what we have to look forward to because of His coming.

It also includes references to stories from “The Jesus Story Book Bible”. If you have small children, I highly recommend this Bible as a tool to help you point every story in the Bible to Christ!

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