Best Job on the Planet

There’s never been a harder, more stressful, more burdensome job in the world… Being a daddy! I mean think about it, you have some one or multiple some ones completely dependent on you. You are their primary source of physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. Not to mention you play a huge part in forming their views on God, church, society, finances, relationships, morality, etc. You as a parent have the ability to give your child the tools for success or you can really jack them up! It is something that weighs on me daily. Asking myself the question “Am I giving my kids the tools they need to make it as a believer in Christ (in a world that seems in most part to shun those with ‘deep’ convictions), to be successful, independent, productive, etc.”? Parenthood is an awesome responsibility! God has made us stewards over the lives of our children and He expects a lot from us. What are we doing with the disciples He has placed in our own homes?

The best part of being a daddy is of course the fact that I get to spend a ton of time with my princess and my buddy! They make it all worth it! The beauty of unconditional love and acceptance I get from them is overwhelming at times. Praise God for the burden and blessing of children!!!

I’m also so thankful for my beautiful bride who does most of the day to day teaching, instilling of values, discipline, etc. She certainly has gifts that I don’t posses and I don’t see how she does it a lot of times! That being said, My hat’s off to all of you single parents out there. Your strength is amazing. My prayer is that Christ gives you everything you need to raise your children in a loving environment as well as giving you the inner strength and grace that can only come from an intimate relationship with Him!

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