January 24, 2010

Blessed by Your Kids

Petra Ballet Company

Dads, don’t miss opportunities to be a blessing to your children and likely be blessed in return. Recently my 5 year old daughter started taking ballet at Glory & Grace ballet group, which teaches worship through dance (fantastic). They brought in the Petra Ballet Company for a show this past Saturday night. My daughter was very excited to go to her first real ballet, and I, just wanting to spend time with her, agreed to take her. Keep in mind I’m not much of a dance/opera/musical kinda guy. I thought I would take her, have some fun with her, be bored at the show, but score some big daddy points in the process. God had other plans!

I was completely blown away by the Spirit of the Lord on the girls from Petra as they worshiped through dance. I was able to be a blessing to my daughter by explaining to her what was happening in the different dances, as the gospel was presented in every single dance! I was blessed in several ways myself. To have my little girl curl up into my lap, squeeze my arms, and tell me she loves me, as she looks up at me with her beautiful, blue eyes, there is nothing like that in this world! I was also blessed by the Lord reminding me of His love for me, as I watched the stories being told through the dances of people being set free from the slavery of sin. It was such a great memorable night for my daughter and me! I may have even shed a manly tear or two… maybe.

My point being this: Guys, don’t throw these seemingly small opportunities away! What could have possibly been more important than taking my girl to that show? Phone calls? Emails? TV shows? Hobbies? These activities or anything else like them would have been a ridiculous trade! How could I trade some temporary pleasure or personal satisfaction for something that would have a lasting, if not eternal, impact on my child?

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