Advice For Young, Single Men Seeking To Live A Godly Life

I can never forget the journey to the States. I was some thousand feet above ground and psyching myself in preparation for my academic studies ahead. “I have to be successful, that’s what a true man is.” I’d say to myself repeatedly. I would think about the family (a single-parent home) I left when boarding […]

The Joy Of Humble Selflessness

We have been studying through Philippians in our Men’s Group that meets in my home. As we recently reviewed chapter 2 a few truths occurred to me that I already knew, but really grabbed my attention in this section of Scripture. It jarred me (again) to see the number of commands for us to humble ourselves and to feel […]

Biblical Masculinity in Fatherhood Pt.2

This is the fourth post in the Biblical Masculinity series. Post One: What is Biblical Masculinity?, Post Two: Biblical Masculinity in Marriage, Post Three: Biblical Masculinity in Fatherhood Pt.1. In part one of Masculine Fatherhood we discussed what God expects of us as Christian dads. We also covered a few key areas of development that you should […]

Biblical Masculinity in Fatherhood Pt.1

This is the third post in the Biblical Masculinity series. Post One: What is Biblical Masculinity?, Post Two: Biblical Masculinity in Marriage, Post Four: Biblical Masculinity in Fatherhood Pt. 2 There is so much more to cover on this topic than I will be able to deal with in this post. At the end of the next […]

Biblical Masculinity In Marriage

This is the second post in the Biblical Masculinity series. Post One: What is Biblical Masculinity?, Post Three: Biblical Masculinity in Fatherhood Pt. 1, Post Four: Biblical Masculinity in Fatherhood Pt. 2 This will only be a brief overview of our roles as men in marriage. It won’t be super-spiritual or deeply theological, although I believe […]

What Is Biblical Masculinity?

I’d like to take the next few posts and look at what the Bible calls us to be and do as Christian men. What do these Passages mean? What is meant by the terms biblical manhood or biblical masculinity? What does this look like in each of our lives since we are all different and […]

What Family Leadership Looks Like In My Home

In speaking to many men over the past few years I keep hearing a recurring theme. Guy after guy says something to the effect of, “I know I should be leading my home, I just don’t know what to do or where to start.” I give them a few ideas, share parts of my story […]

Football: Fun Game, Poor Master.

I live in the South where sports in general and football in particular is god. I wish I were exaggerating, but if you’ve ever visited the South during football season you know I’m not. So, I have to fight the never-ending battle of helping men realize that something has become an idol in their lives. […]

Daily Struggles of Manhood

Today I received a tweet from someone I follow on Twitter. It was a thought provoking question that went out to all of this guy’s followers. It simply said: “What’s you definition of a man?” It didn’t take very long for me to type out my response since this is a question I wrestle with […]

What is Biblical Manhood?

Here are my notes from our latest Men’s Group discussing biblical manhood. I left them as they were, so they are bulleted and may be a little choppy to read. I apologize for that. Quick re-cap of last meeting. If you don’t deal with the heart, none of the rest of this stuff will matter […]

BiblcialMahod & Womanhood

Here are a few of my favorite messages on the topics of biblical manhood and womanhood. I hope you enjoy. Also, you can browse through all the messages I’ve collected on this site HERE. Click the play arrow to listen. To download, right click on download and select “save as”. […]

Men, What Are We Doing?

I had a guy tell me a while back, in reference to leading his family, ‘There’s too much to remember’. As far as I can tell, the wife leads the family spiritually and does almost all of the child rearing. So what do you think he did about this situation? Nothing. Actually, not nothing. He […]

Real Men?

For too long manhood has been defined by the wrong things. The world defines manhood as rugged, athletic, outdoorsman, hunting, fishing, sports, cars, etc… That’s where you get all these idiotic sayings and slogans like “real men wear black” or “Real men carry guns” or “Real men urinate off the porch”. But just as dumb […]