What is God's Will?

I have been asking this question for my life since my salvation. We all have this question burning inside of us I think. Whether you are a believer in Christ or not, at some point in time or perhaps a lot of the time, the question comes: “What am I here for?” “What am I […]

30,000 Reasons I'm Thankful for Grace

I never tire of flying. Now the wait and airport security lines, etc. can be a pain, but that thrill of accelerating so quickly down the runway that you’re forced back in your seat, the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when the tail of the plane leaves the ground, and the initial climb […]

Lifeblood of Champions

One of the great things in life is being able to sit down with a really good cup of coffee and just chill. It’s so good to just relax with my wife, friends, or a movie and a good cup of coffee, provided that the coffee is in fact good. If you’ve been around coffee […]

Best Job on the Planet

There’s never been a harder, more stressful, more burdensome job in the world… Being a daddy! I mean think about it, you have some one or multiple some ones completely dependent on you. You are their primary source of physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. Not to mention you play a huge part in forming their […]

Shopping Mall Jesus

I’m so tired of hearing people push Jesus as some means to their earthly happiness. “Get saved and all your troubles disappear”, “Give and you too can have condos, jets, cars, millions in the bank, etc.”, “Pray a prayer and receive your free ticket out of hell, we don’t care how you live the rest […]

iPod – Brain Saver

Traveling over an hour one way to some of my service calls gives me a lot of time to myself.. I’m the kind of guy that could easily go crazy in those situations. I mean, there’s only so much mindless music one can listen to on the radio (Heaven forbid that a song you don’t […]

Life Without Christ

The reason I love my life so much is the fact that no matter how stressful “life” gets, or how stressful I make it… I still have a gracious, loving God who forgives, guides, & corrects me when I need it. I still have Heaven as my hope because of Christ. I still have a […]