What is God's Will?

I have been asking this question for my life since my salvation. We all have this question burning inside of us I think. Whether you are a believer in Christ or not, at some point in time or perhaps a lot of the time, the question comes: “What am I here for?” “What am I supposed to do with my life?” “Why was I created?” or if you are a believer the question usually shows up as: “What is God’s will for my life?”

Since He saved me, I have has a deep desire to do His will and accomplish His purpose for my life. I just don’t want to get to Heaven and hear God say “Come on in… but, you really dropped the ball back there.” I think about it a lot. But one thing that I have just recently noticed, through the aide of some wise council, is that always being focused on God’s future will for my life is causing me to miss out on His will for me NOW. Read more

30,000 Reasons I'm Thankful for Grace

I never tire of flying. Now the wait and airport security lines, etc. can be a pain, but that thrill of accelerating so quickly down the runway that you’re forced back in your seat, the sinking feeling you get in your stomach when the tail of the plane leaves the ground, and the initial climb when the plane banks a hard turn to one side are just simply unbeatable! It’s here, climbing to 30,000 ft., passing through multiple cloud layers, watching civilization below grow smaller by the second that you realize how tiny we really are, no matter how big our ego may be. I know God hates pride, but I have to wonder if He chuckles a bit some times when we celebrate what we consider a large accomplishment such as flying.

I also love flying because it allows me several hours that I really can do nothing else but be alone with my thoughts and Jesus.   Read more

Lifeblood of Champions

One of the great things in life is being able to sit down with a really good cup of coffee and just chill. It’s so good to just relax with my wife, friends, or a movie and a good cup of coffee, provided that the coffee is in fact good. If you’ve been around coffee for any length of time and some one has exposed you to something other than Maxwell House, Folgers, or the house blend from your local gas station… you know there’s a difference between coffee and “really good” coffee! I’m not even saying that you should go to Starbuck’s and spend $5 – $6 on some fru-fru mixed drink that’s more milk than coffee. That’s how it got the nicknames “Starbroke’s” and “Fivebuck’s”. Read more

Best Job on the Planet

There’s never been a harder, more stressful, more burdensome job in the world… Being a daddy! I mean think about it, you have some one or multiple some ones completely dependent on you. You are their primary source of physical, emotional, and spiritual nourishment. Not to mention you play a huge part in forming their views on God, church, society, finances, relationships, morality, etc. You as a parent have the ability to give your child the tools for success or you can really jack them up! It is something that weighs on me daily. Asking myself the question “Am I giving my kids the tools they need to make it as a believer in Christ (in a world that seems in most part to shun those with ‘deep’ convictions), to be successful, independent, productive, etc.”? Parenthood is an awesome responsibility! God has made us stewards over the lives of our children and He expects a lot from us. What are we doing with the disciples He has placed in our own homes? Read more

Shopping Mall Jesus

I’m so tired of hearing people push Jesus as some means to their earthly happiness. “Get saved and all your troubles disappear”, “Give and you too can have condos, jets, cars, millions in the bank, etc.”, “Pray a prayer and receive your free ticket out of hell, we don’t care how you live the rest of your life”. It’s like we’re trying to con people into getting saved by promising them something the Bible does not. Salvation does not mean freedom from problems. You don’t “get” Jesus to “get” things. You get God when you follow Jesus! That’s what makes it so great! “No one who denies the Son has the Father; whoever acknowledges the Son has the Father also.” 1 Jn. 2:23. There is no greater blessing.

God is not just a great big heavenly Santa Claus or some goofy-named sky ferry that bows to our every whim or agrees to our deals… ‘If I do this, God should do this or that for me’. Who are we to think that God in some way owes us anything? We are nothing without Him! He already gives us everything we have, even life, so how can we expect something in return if we give to Him what’s already His. That’s kind of like robbing a bank and then trying to return that money and expecting to collect the reward money for returning it (a simple analogy, I know). That person would make it to the internet as Idiot of the Day. Yet we do the same thing to God sometimes. Yes, God loves us more than we could ever imagine. Yes, He gives us everything we “need”. Yes, He gives us the ability to provide for our families and so much more, but I think our Americanistic (I might have made that one up.. you get the point) view of love and blessing has distorted the way we view God’s love. “…but God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Rom. 5:8. I guess that’s just not enough for us. Maybe we think that whole cross routine was just a warm up act or something.

What if we get saved and things “get worse”? What if our families and/or friends disown us or slander us because of our decision? What happens if God, in His sovereignty, even ordains tough times for us? Gasp!! Would God really do such a thing? It doesn’t take too long of looking through the Bible or history books to see what happens to some of the most dedicated followers of Christ. I mean God even asked Satan if he had considered His servant Job for testing and torment. Not to mention what God told Ananias about Paul after his conversion But the Lord said to him, “Go, for he is a chosen instrument of mine to carry my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel. For I will show him how much he must suffer for the sake of my name.” Acts 9:15-17. Suffering doesn’t preach too well now-a-days.

The peace we have when we follow Christ is unsurpassed and supernatural. We have eternal life with God in heaven as our promise, God will always love us, always provide for us, never leave us, and give us the grace and strength we need to be and do everything He has called us to be and do. Peace. Hope. Joy. Salvation. That’s the abundant life! I’m just so tired of people using Jesus to sell their crap!

iPod – Brain Saver

Traveling over an hour one way to some of my service calls gives me a lot of time to myself.. I’m the kind of guy that could easily go crazy in those situations. I mean, there’s only so much mindless music one can listen to on the radio (Heaven forbid that a song you don’t like ever becomes popular… you hear it every 30 min.). There are only so many times I can hear 5 different talk radio show hosts pound the same “hot topics” of the day. And why does it seem like Aerosmith is on every stinking channel of my dial? I think I even heard them on a bluegrass station the other day! That’s why I am so thankful for the internet and my iPod. Say what you want about the price of them vs the price of other inferior mp3 players, but I’ll pay for quality and EASY syncing!

There’s such a debate about the internet now and how immoral it is and should churches/Christians be using it or letting their kids use it and so on. Yes, there is a TON of junk out there! Yes, you shouldn’t get online without some type of filter on your computer. Yes, parents should monitor what their children are doing online. But the bottom line is that the internet is neither moral nor immoral it is amoral (just like money). It all depends on how it’s used.

I’m thankful that right now I am able to download the music I like (without having to buy the whole sorry album), sermons from pastors around the world, audiobooks/audioBibles (being the audible learner I am), and podcasts that not only keep me from going crazy, but help me grow spiritually and gain knowledge. None of which would be possible (or not nearly as simple) without the internet.

Do your brain a favor. Get an iPod and download the stuff that will increase it’s effectiveness, not put it into a coma.

Life Without Christ

The reason I love my life so much is the fact that no matter how stressful “life” gets, or how stressful I make it… I still have a gracious, loving God who forgives, guides, & corrects me when I need it. I still have Heaven as my hope because of Christ. I still have a beautiful wife (whom God blessed me with) that loves me despite all my short-comings. I still have 2 great kids that always do something to make each day great. I have a GREAT life!

I have to give all the credit to Jesus Christ because without Him turning my life around… I would have NONE of this! In fact, I probably would’ve been dead by now!

The love of God has a great way of putting things into right perspective for us. No matter how far we choose to walk away from Him at times, He’s always there, waiting for us to turn around, repent and throw our arms up in surrender so He can pick us up, clean us up and place us back on the straight, narrow, perfect path that He has graciously planned out for us in His omniscience. There is NONE like our God! I’m so thankful He doesn’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

I don’t see how people make it through this thing called “life” without Christ!