I run across a good bit of material that I think would be beneficial to others, but may not fit into the categories or goals of this site. This material shared in a quick blog post but don’t get added to the permanent pages of the site.

Men, Women & Family: Wisdom from Proverbs

This is a series from the book of Proverbs by Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. This is not the full series, but I focused on 13 messages from that series that deal specifically with biblical manhood and womanhood. Proverbs is a very practical book and Driscoll is a practical preacher. If most men are like me, I know that God has commanded me to lead my family. My struggle is that I haven’t really had anyone lead me through that. This series helped me grow in my role as husband and father and I thought it was worth sharing.

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Wisdom vs Folly

BiblicalMan.org LogoThe overarching theme in the book of Proverbs is Wisdom; what is it, where does it come form, how do we get it, etc. I love Proverbs because of its practicality. I want to do what’s right so just tell me what to do. I was recently studying Proverbs chapter six to share with my Sunday School class and thought I would put my notes online here so others would have the references.

Resources I used to help prepare for this message:

What is wisdom? Dictionary.com defines it as “Knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgement as to action.” i.e. “Knowing and doing what is right.” Or even simpler… applied knowledge. Read more

Cultivating a Healthy Marrige

This is a message given at a marriage seminar at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York by Lead Pastor, Tim Keller and his wife, Kathy. They compare marriage to a garden that must constantly be tended to and looked after in order for it to be the beautiful, sanctifying relationship God intends for it to be. I love the way they tag team the message so as to hear both perspectives in the relationship. They both do such a good job of telling you what Scriptures say, what that means for us, and practical applications on how to flesh it all out in our own marriages. This message is well worth the hour or so of your time! This is such a good reminder that a great marriage doesn’t “just happen”! It must be cultivated!

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Biblical Parenting

Biblical Parenting - Tedd TrippIn late 2008, Pastor/speaker/author, Tedd Tripp spoke at a mini-conference hosted by TheResurgence.com at the Mars Hill Church campus in Seattle WA. He taught 5 sessions that consisted mostly of material from his book “Shepherding A Child’s Heart”. The book is a fantastic picture of how God teaches and disciplines us as the perfect, loving Father. I love this set of podcasts because he really drives the message home to parents that we are to do more than just discipline our children, we are to teach them, instruct them, and show them how to be in relationship with Christ as we get below the surface issues in their lives and deal with their hearts.

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Image and Glory

Recently God has allowed me to start leading a men’s group Bible study from my home. We meet weekly (for now), listen to a message, and follow it up with some good discussion about the message and what it means for us to pursue the call God has placed on us as men. I have really been encouraged by the diversity of men and the different number of churches represented in our group, since it is open to the community. I’m not a great teacher, but I do have some great teaching resources, and I love sharing these resources and what God has done in my life with other men. I also want to create a place where other guys can discover what God has called them to as men, be real about where they are in their walk with Christ, and receive the help from the group they need to fulfill their calling. Read more

Biblical Stewardship

With the holiday season fast approaching, I thought it would be a good time for us all to take a look at how the Bible says we are to live in light of God’s overwhelming generosity toward us as Believers and Americans. I feel that a lot of times, we, in “American Evangelicalism,” fall into the trap of believing that God’s blessings to us are “for” us. We are part of the whole body of Christ! When we fail to realize that, we fall into some kind of cultish, selfish, “bless me”, “take care of me and mine”, pseudo-Christianity that is only concerned only about us as we use Jesus to get what we want. This is still an area of my life that God is working on as He pries my hands more and more off of material things. I put together a list of audio messages that have had a huge impact on how I see our finances and giving throughout all of life, not just the holiday season.

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Family & Culture

Raising a family, focused on Christ and His mission, in this present culture gets increasingly more difficult it seems like every week. With everything around you in the world screaming out that you’re crazy for doing things the way the Bible says, it’s great to have instruction and encouragement along the way. That’s why I love these selected messages from pastor, author, & speaker Voddie Baucham. He is great at pointing out how we say one thing with our mouths while acting out just the opposite. He also helps us see why and how we should live out the biblical mandates on dads and moms to raise their children in the way they should go (the way of Christ). Men and women… even if you are not normally a podcast-type person or Read more

The Role of Man

This series was delivered by Matt Chandler, teaching pastor for The Village Church, Dasllas, TX. I love the way Chandler uses his God given ability to take complex spiritual truths, dissect them, and deliver them in a way that is easy to understand and very applicable. In the “Role of Men” series he tells us what God expects of us as men, and what the Bible says about us as husbands and fathers during a series of Sunday morning messages. In the “Image and Glory of God” series he talks to just the men of his church in a six week study that goes in greater depth and more application.

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The Biblical Man by Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll is the founding and lead teaching pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA. He has a great way of making the scripture applicable to today’s culture. His teaching style is very straight forward and he is especially frank and honest with the men of his church. I love it when pastors call men of God to action and tell us what that might look like in our lives.

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Calling Men to Lead

Voddie Baucham pastors Grace Family Baptist Church in Texas. He has an extremely straight forward style of delivering the Text. I love the fact that in his messages he has some harsh words for men who call themselves believers and yet do nothing to lead their families spiritually. But at the same time, he gives us ideas on how we can become the men God has called us to be! He will challenge you!

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Having Productive Times with God

We’ve all had times alone with God that we wish we could have remembered or applied to our lives better. And I am no different. Lately since I have found a system that helps me read, understand, and apply the Word I have been able to really dig some great truths and life giving revelations out of my times with God. I love sharing this process with others. That’s why I was honored to be asked to speak at my church while the pastor is on a mission trip. He asked me to speak to them on Bible study or “Quiet Times” (that phrase bothers me, makes me feel as if I’m in trouble or something). Below is the outline I typed up to use as I taught. I have revised it for the blog to help it be a little more readable, but it still may be a bit choppy, sorry. I hope it will be of some help though. It is a Bible study method I got from Pastor Matt Chandler of the Village Church in Texas and I am indebted to him for it. Full audio HERE.

How many of us, when we sit down and have a great time with God, end up forgetting most of it by noon?
I want to help us build out a system to help us receive and retain more of what we experience with God.
The Bible shouldn’t be read as a news paper or just another book. It is a source of life giving revelation and wisdom. Read more