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Any time I run across resources that help me teach and communicate the truth of the Gospel and true Christian history I’m all over it. I may be a bit late to this party, but I have only recently been introduced to the Torchlighter “Heros of the Faith” cartoon DVDs.

I have been very impressed with the historical accuracy of the films and the fact that they do not pull any punches when it comes to hardships and martyrdom. Our children have absolutely fallen in love with them and beg for the next one as soon as we finish one.

Our kids love the fact that these are true, real-life stories. This gives us an opportunity to explain a little of the historical backgrounds of the stories and why these men and women were being arrested, tortured, or killed for their faith in Christ and proclamation of the Gospel.

After watching most of the DVDs in the set, I can highly recommend them as a wonderful teaching tool for you and your family.

Torchlighter “Heros of the Faith” DVD page


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