May 22, 2015

Exciting News!

We are entering a new domain of content creation at, and we’re extremely excited (and a touch nervous) about it! Enter: The Podcast Show! It is a show that has the same mission as the website; helping men grow in knowledge and love of God, and live grace-filled, Spirit-empowered lives to the glory of God in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This will be a place for the hosts to meet together and talk through issues happening in our time and culture that impact our lives as Christian men trying to live out of a biblical worldview. We will do our best to help men grow, as we grow too, in sound, biblical theology as well as offer practical advice for living out that theology.

If you have questions or issues you are wrestling with, we would love a chance to think through those with you and offer our opinions on how God, in His Word, would instruct us to think and act in that area. So, please send in your questions or topics. There are several ways you can send those to us which are listed on the “Connect” page of the website.

The new podcast show will also give me a good excuse to do one of my favorite things in the world… sit around and talk about God and His Word with other godly people who are seeking to please Him in their lives too. So, what you will be hearing in the show is basically us turning on our mics and hitting record as we have a conversation. The show will have kind of a live radio feel to it, with very little editing. You get what we say… Let’s hope that a good thing  😉

There are several ways you can join us for the conversation. First, you can listen to the podcast with your podcast app of choice or here on the website. Second, send in your questions for discussion. Either way, we would love to have the chance to serve you!

Thank you for listening, subscribing, and supporting this ministry. May God alone receive the glory and honor due Him!

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