January 30, 2012

Family Worship Is A Discipline

Anyone who thinks family worship is not a discipline has either not tried to be consistent with it for any length of time or they have never tried it and are merely romanticizing it. It is a discipline. It is hard at times. It can frustrate you to no end. There may be times you half-way consider bringing physical harm to one of your little disciples. 😉

Having said all of that, none of these are good excuses to not have consistent times of family worship. By the way, not every time will be difficult. Though “family worship times” are not commanded in Scripture, this is a discipline that has proven beneficial for children and parents for thousands of years. I can tell you from experience and from listening to older dads who raised children having family worship that there is no better way to raise your children in the fear and instruction of the Lord (which is commanded).

Tonight in our family worship we had one of those difficult nights. After it was over, I exclaimed to my wife, “I get it. I understand why so many men don’t do this or have a hard time being consistent with it. I get it.” Tonight wasn’t even one of our teaching nights. We were only going to sing two songs, pray and be done. That’s it! We have “rules” or “guidelines” the kids are expected to abide by:  no toys during worship, sing with us, pay attention, etc. In that short span of time, I had to reiterate those rules several times, confiscate toys, separate the older two because of bickering, constantly redirect the two year old away from my desk before everything was in the floor, warn the middle child for sticking out his legs to try and trip the two year old, stop and discipline said child for disobeying and actually tripping the two year old, and wait as my wife put the crying two year old to bed. And all I wanted to do is sing two songs to Jesus as a family!

So, again, let me say I understand the frustration and excuses why dads don’t lead their young families in worship. But they are just that…excuses, not valid reasons to excuse us from our God given mandate to pass on our faith to our children. Dads, man up and be a blessing to your children. That’s why He  allowed them to be born into a family of believers, so they would learn the faith and have the biblical foundation they need in this life lived for the glory of Christ!

In a previous post I tell What Family Leadership Looks Like In My Home and offer resources to help dads make this a regular part of family time together.

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