July 22, 2009

Finally Alive

Finally AliveHave you ever really wondered what actually happened at the point of salvation? In this book John Piper, pastor, speaker, author, and theologian explains his thoughts on the doctrine of regeneration with a plethera of scripture references. He tells the reader what happens at the point of salvation, how we were saved, what God’s roll was in our regeneration, what our roll was in regeneration, how we can know we are saved, how we can shre this great grace and mercy with others, and several other topics.

This is one of those doctrines that tends to get overlooked with all the talk about how depraved we are from birth and how we can not choose God in that state, etc. It was a refreshing read. To finally hear someone talk about the miracle of rebirth and what God does in and through us by the power of His Holy Spirit was a great compliment to the other books and articles on our sinful state before salvation. He never says we are perfect, but why and how we fight sin. It gave me a sense of comfort and joy in the great gift I have been give in Christ my God!

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