January 20, 2011

God, Gi'mme My Idols!

Ooohh... Shiny... Me likey!

It’s funny what God will sometimes do and use to get your attention and reveal some darkness in your heart. One of my struggles has always been being too attached to this world via technology. I love my iPhone, laptop, Twitter, Facebook, my website, etc… Sometimes too much!

In the area where I live, we have been waiting for AT&T to get 3G for years now (with multiple failed estimate dates). Well, this week they flipped the switch and there were shouts of joy… from everyone but me. I was informed that the suburb I live in fell right in the middle of 2 separate 3G coverage areas with not much hope of “my tower” getting the upgrades any time soon. I mean, I can seriously drive five minutes in either direction and have the coveted number-letter icon (3G) show up on my phone. And all this after recently upgrading my phone and staying with AT&T because of the promised upgrades coming “very soon”. Okay, so I may still be a tiny bit upset. But, I said all that to get to the good part when God smacked me in the head [cut to a shot of the NCIS “Gibbs slap”].

I was driving home form church, having hung around after service to vent my techie frustrations to a few other guys, and I had a thought (I assume it was God). “Hmmm, you seem to be really upset about this whole 3G deal. What? Your little idol didn’t treat you the way you thought it should? It didn’t give you what you thought you deserved? Awe, poor thing.”

Ouch! Busted! Needless to say, I had to confess and repent on the spot. I have also made a few changes to my cell plan that should help me a bit in this area as well. God will not tolerate idols in the lives of His kids. They tend to creep in so quickly and innocently, robbing us of our joy in our great God and Savior. So, as much as it may hurt, God, please DON”T give me my idols! Forgive me when I go astray and trade Your glory for something goofy that in the end means nothing! It’s not worth it.

Has God ever busted you down on some of your idols? I’d love to hear.

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