March 9, 2011

I Don't Want to be a Christian!

Following Christ is an ACTION!

The term “Christian” has lost its meaning in America today. It has become more of an adjective that could mean “good” or “moral” i.e. “He’s a good Christian man” or they have a “Christian business” or we listen to “Christian music” or read “Christian books”. Worse yet, someone is called a Christian (or calls themselves one) just because they attend a church service every now and then.

The term “Christian” is only used 3 times in the New Testament, and that usually by an enemy. It was also used in reference to someone that lived couter-cultural (not conforming to culture) in a group that was simply called The Way (Acts 9:2). In America someone could be called a Christian in name only, and most people wouldn’t care.

Conversely, the term “disciple” is used some 269 times in the New Testament (depending on your translation). This brings a new meaning to light. A disciple is a learner, student, apprentice, scholar or someone who follows in the same ways and teachings of another. In other words if the term “Christian” is meant to be used as someone who is a disciple of Christ then there is a disconnect happening somewhere.

So to address the title of this blog post, I don’t want to be a Christian if it merely means to be a good person or just attend a church service. I don’t want to be a Christian in name only. I do however want to be a Christian in the truest sense of the word as meant by our original enemies (thinking in, acting in, learning and teaching the ways of Christ)!

Christian, are you truly a Disciple of Jesus Christ?

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