February 8, 2013

If Everything is Awesome – Nothing Is

Having to put a pretty face on everything is exhausting, even if it is a digital face. Instead of enjoying other people’s success or blessings we feel as if we have to one up them or at least be as glamurous or funny as they are. Otherwise, we think, no one will “follow me” or be my “friend” or comment on my posts. As if acquiring comments, retweets, and likes was the point.

Think about how we broadcast ourselves and our lives on social media. Mike Cosper in his post at The Gospel Coalition says “Social media compels its users to project idealized versions of themselves. A photo of a meal can bear the caption, ‘UnbeLIEVable homemade ravioli!!!!!!!!’ Meanwhile the pasta is chewy, the sauce is tasteless, and the dining couple fights throughout the entire meal. The nature of social media, and its accompanying audience, leads us to glamorize the mundane, leaving no superlatives for truly great experiences.”

This tends to leave us with the attitude that the mundane and ordinary are our enemies. They must be avoided at all costs. If our job ever bores us, we’re out of there. Our kids must always have something to do-even if this puts huge time and financial strains on the family as a whole. This is unbiblical and indeed exhausting!

God has created a beautiful world that we get to enjoy. There are amazing tastes, sounds, relationships, etc. to experience. These things should lead us to praise Him for providing such blessings. But there is also much joy, glory, honor, and respect in being faithful in the ordinary and mundane He has called us to in every day life. The Bible calls these ordinary things the “little” things, and if we are unfaithful in these we prove we can not be trusted with much.

Just a few thoughts. Don’t get wrapped up into thinking everything has to be “off the charts” or trying to make every event “absolutely amazing.” Usually days, events, meals, and the like are just normal. And that’s okay. Actually, normal days are better than okay, they are wicked cool.

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