April 21, 2008

iPod – Brain Saver

Traveling over an hour one way to some of my service calls gives me a lot of time to myself.. I’m the kind of guy that could easily go crazy in those situations. I mean, there’s only so much mindless music one can listen to on the radio (Heaven forbid that a song you don’t like ever becomes popular… you hear it every 30 min.). There are only so many times I can hear 5 different talk radio show hosts pound the same “hot topics” of the day. And why does it seem like Aerosmith is on every stinking channel of my dial? I think I even heard them on a bluegrass station the other day! That’s why I am so thankful for the internet and my iPod. Say what you want about the price of them vs the price of other inferior mp3 players, but I’ll pay for quality and EASY syncing!

There’s such a debate about the internet now and how immoral it is and should churches/Christians be using it or letting their kids use it and so on. Yes, there is a TON of junk out there! Yes, you shouldn’t get online without some type of filter on your computer. Yes, parents should monitor what their children are doing online. But the bottom line is that the internet is neither moral nor immoral it is amoral (just like money). It all depends on how it’s used.

I’m thankful that right now I am able to download the music I like (without having to buy the whole sorry album), sermons from pastors around the world, audiobooks/audioBibles (being the audible learner I am), and podcasts that not only keep me from going crazy, but help me grow spiritually and gain knowledge. None of which would be possible (or not nearly as simple) without the internet.

Do your brain a favor. Get an iPod and download the stuff that will increase it’s effectiveness, not put it into a coma.

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