May 18, 2009

Knowing God

Knowing GodThis is a MUST READ for every believer in Christ! It is so helpful in introducing you to the actual study of God through the Holy Scriptures, but at the same time the emphasis of the book is, as stated, knowing God. Meaning that the author points out there is no need of formal theological training to know God more intimately. His main point is that digging into the Word is how God speaks to us, therefore, finding out through the Word how God relates to us and how we are to relate and respond to Him is of the utmost importance.
This is a book I have read twice now and it will for sure be on my list of books that I read on an annual basis. It helps, as you read, to check yourself to make sure you are trying to know God and not just digging into the Word for doctrinal and theological statements. Though those are important, knowing God is the the fuel that drives our entire lives and the loftiest goal we could ever strive for!

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