March 31, 2008

Life Without Christ

The reason I love my life so much is the fact that no matter how stressful “life” gets, or how stressful I make it… I still have a gracious, loving God who forgives, guides, & corrects me when I need it. I still have Heaven as my hope because of Christ. I still have a beautiful wife (whom God blessed me with) that loves me despite all my short-comings. I still have 2 great kids that always do something to make each day great. I have a GREAT life!

I have to give all the credit to Jesus Christ because without Him turning my life around… I would have NONE of this! In fact, I probably would’ve been dead by now!

The love of God has a great way of putting things into right perspective for us. No matter how far we choose to walk away from Him at times, He’s always there, waiting for us to turn around, repent and throw our arms up in surrender so He can pick us up, clean us up and place us back on the straight, narrow, perfect path that He has graciously planned out for us in His omniscience. There is NONE like our God! I’m so thankful He doesn’t treat me the way I deserve to be treated.

I don’t see how people make it through this thing called “life” without Christ!

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