Lifeblood of Champions

One of the great things in life is being able to sit down with a really good cup of coffee and just chill. It’s so good to just relax with my wife, friends, or a movie and a good cup of coffee, provided that the coffee is in fact good. If you’ve been around coffee for any length of time and some one has exposed you to something other than Maxwell House, Folgers, or the house blend from your local gas station… you know there’s a difference between coffee and “really good” coffee! I’m not even saying that you should go to Starbuck’s and spend $5 – $6 on some fru-fru mixed drink that’s more milk than coffee. That’s how it got the nicknames “Starbroke’s” and “Fivebuck’s”. But a “venti” or 20 oz. cup of house blend coffee from Starbuck’s is well worth $2.25 in my opinion! It’s also worth the extra money that you pay per pound at the grocery store. So if you do drink coffee and you haven’t been exposed to something other than the norm, I’m not sure if you want to or not actually. Because I can promise you that when you do experience the joy of a strong, smooth, yet not bitter cup of excellence… you will not want to go back, and it probably will cost you a few more dollars.

Lifeblood that Drives the Dreams of Champions (Will Ferrell video – hilarious!)

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