Love and Respect

Love and RespectThis is one of the best books I’ve read on marriage! Eggerichs really understands the biblical mandate placed on both men and women. The book not only gives scripture as it’s basis for how marriage operates best, it is also very practical in application. It helps us understand that marriage isn’t as difficult as we have made it. A great marriage takes work, no doubt, but this book really gives great revelation on how we can make it easier by working on the right areas so we can avoid the “crazy cycle” as the author puts it. The crazy cycle being: when men feel disrespected by their wives, they act unloving toward them, when women feel unloved by their husbands, they act disrespectful toward them (repeat). This all makes sense as the author proves through scripture that what men desire most is respect while women desire love the most.

I recommend this book to ALL married couples whether they think they are struggling or not! I also recommend it to all engaged couples to help get some insight on how their future spouse will relate to them.

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