January 10, 2011

Men’s Group (Winter, Spring) 2011

I’m really excited about this coming study through the book of Proverbs. We will be watching a 9 week video series from Pastor Mark Driscoll. Before we get to that series though, I will be teaching a 3-4 week short series on biblical manhood. We’ll be taking a look at what is true Christianity vs the moralism or do-goodism we may have been taught in the past. And we will examine the responsibilities the Bible places on us as men, husbands, dads and church leaders.

The group meets every other Monday night starting January, 17th 2011 at G & A Discount Grocery in Glencoe. The teaching starts at 7:00pm and goes through about 8:00pm, then we will have a time of sharing and prayer requests. The group formally dismisses around 8:30 but everyone is welcome to hang around, talk, or play cards or video games.

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