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The “Audio Messages” page for this site was down for a couple of weeks while I did some updating and rearranging. That page is now back online and most (not all) the messages are back. I’ll keep working on it. :)

“A Call To Pray” – message from Matt Chandler.  This is one of the best messages I have heard on the topic of prayer. It was so encouraging. As we see God’s love for us, as our Father, and His desire for us to pray, prayer becomes a joy instead of a burden.

“Christless Christianity” – book by Michael Horton. A great book that points out some of the flaws in the American church, where those errors arose, and how we, as Believers, can focus on Christ and His work accomplished for us. - John Piper’s method for studying the Bible involve a system called “arcing”. This site is dedicated to showing how to integrate this method into your Bible study habits.

“How Manhood and Womanhood are Different” – Video with John Piper and Darrin Patrick.

White Horse Inn – Website for theological resources and discussion.

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Follower of the Lord Jesus Christ; husband of a godly, beautiful woman; dad to three awesome kidos; a bit of a techie; and (amateur) blogger :)

My prayer is that the resources on this site help men grow in Christ, for His glory, and the good of themselves and their families!

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