New Marriage & Parenting Resources Added

I really enjoy reading/listening to good advice that inspires and encourages me in my walk with Christ and as a husband and dad. Tim Challies is someone I read from time to time because I know I can trust his advice to be Bible centered and gospel focused. He is a pastor, blogger, author who has a firm grasp on God’s Word and good insight into our Western culture. Recently I found a few of his older articles that really convicted/encouraged me as a husband & father. I have added them to the “Articles & Links” section of the site and wanted to make you all aware of their addition. I believe you would benefit from browsing his website as well!

6 Deadly Enemies of Marriage – Tim Challies (Article)

6 Deadly Sex & the Mystery of Marriage – Tim Challies (Article)

The Picture Perfect Marriage – Tim Challies (Article Series)

18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids – Tim Challies (Article)

The Porn Free Family – Tim Challies (Article)

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