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I have recently found two blog series that I love. The posts come from men whom, as far as I can tell by their content and web presence and pastoral positions, I trust. Dave Bruskas is a Mars Hill campus pastor who has raised 4 daughter, so of course his series is about parenting daughters. Scott Thomas is president of the Acts 29 Network and has raised two boys. Both men have their children out of the house or getting close to being all gone. That means they are now where I will be in about 10-12 years.

I love it when men of God, who are further along in the battle field of biblical parenting, take time to turn around and yell out warnings, cautions and advice to those of us striving to please God in stewarding the gifts He has given us. I am thankful for these guys and believe their content is a great addition to this site.








You can find ALL articles about parenting listed on this site here.


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