Practical Tips for Leading Your Family

Family leadership at times can be a bit ambiguous. As Christian men, we know we should be leading our families in the pursuit and worship of Christ. But, if we were honest with each other it feels at times as if we were given a mission and then dropped behind enemy lines with little to no supplies and zero direction.

I believe the best thing we can do for our families is personally seek Christ with all our hearts (studying, praying, worshipping, etc.) and allow Him to change us. We cannot teach our wives and children things we do not know ourselves, nor show them the beauties of Christ and His gospel that we haven’t seen.

But, as we seek, ask, and knock for ourselves, we cannot forget that much of leading our families is also practical, repetitive, and full of common sense. As I continue to search for resources for myself and grow in this area of my calling, I love to pass on those resources to other men.

In his article, “11 Practical Ways for Men to Lead a Family”, Mark Driscoll does just that: gives good practical advice on how we, as men, can do things daily to nurture our family’s relationships with Christ. It’s not that this list is a MUST, but it is a list of ideas coming from a man who loves Jesus and his family and is striving to take seriously the call God’s Word places on him as a husband and dad.


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I love finding new resources. If you have any ideas, articles, blogs, or books that have helped you I would love to hear about them in your comments below. Thanks!

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