Review: Big Truths for Young Hearts

This book has been a huge help for me! As the leader and priest of my home, it is my responsibility to instruct my children in the Truth. It is my job to teach them correct doctrine and theology. Now those may seem like fancy terms when talking about young kids (mine are currently 6 & 4), but those terms really just mean beliefs about God, His character, and His nature. This is important because how we relate and respond to God, His Word, and other people comes out of our belief system (doctrine & theology). Therefore giving my children a firm foundation and grasp of the truth is extremely important!

Dr. Ware has taken some of the most difficult passages and thoughts about God and broken them down into simple terms that parents and kids can both understand. Here is what C. J. Mahaney of Sovereign Grace Ministries had to say about the book: “Imagine a respected theologian devoting himself to training a new generation of pastors and scholars in the seminary classroom. Now imagine him driving home at night to teach that profound theology in simple terms to his children at their bedsides. Now imagine this father compiling those bedside conversations into a book available to all pastors, parents, and children alike. Imagine no more. My friend Dr. Bruce Ware has done it.”

The way this works in my home is we discuss a chapter each week. I read the chapter myself beforehand, look up the scripture references and figure out how my kids can best “get it”. The author really makes it quite easy. We sit down Monday morning, talk about the “Big Idea” (chapter title) for this week, Go over the memory verse for the week (provided at the end of each chapter), and then discuss what it means (based on what I read in the chapter). The rest of the week we continue to talk about the “Big Idea” and work on our memory verse.

I’m so grateful for the resources we have available to us as parents today, and this book is certainly at the top of my list for parenting resources!

Amazon – “Big Truths for Young Hearts: Teaching and Learning the Greatness of God”

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