Sacred Marriage

Sacred MarriageWhat a concept… to think that God could and does use my marriage to sanctify me. For centuries celibacy has been considered the pinnacle of spiritual devotion for Christians. I’m not here to slam monks and nuns, but if you want the real you revealed to you with a vengeance… get married. You learn very quickly how selfish you truly are! This book challenges us to take these opportunities to press into Christ and allow Him to sanctify us while we serve our spouse. Christ Himself said He came not to be served but to serve. This is not a book that focuses on you fixing your marriage. The focus of this book is you becoming more like Christ, which is the goal of all believers anyway. He makes the point that your spouse was not designed to bring you total joy and fulfillment. Are you placing expectations on your spouse that they can not meet? The author is quick to point out though that in most cases, as you focus more on Christ and serving others, those relationships tend to operate more smoothly. From here on out I will recommend this book to all married and soon-to-be married couples! Though it is geared a little more toward men (coming from the perspective of a man), he does a god job of making his points applicable to both spouses. This was a great read with a lot of great insights into Christian marriage as well as several illustrations and real life stories scattered throughout.

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