Finding Comfort In Abraham

Romans 4 is largely Paul using Abraham to make a theological point–salvation through faith, not works. And yes, this chapter alone gives me great comfort, knowing that God saves sinners like me the same way He saved Abraham–through faith. But, taking a little closer look at Abraham’s life, seeing his struggles, seeing his failures, seeing […]


Gospel Importance Pt.4: Centrality Pt.2

This is the last post in our Gospel Importance series. Gospel Importance Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Pt. 3. We’ll just pick up right where the last one left off. I was talking about why it’s important for Christians to remember the Gospel. The Gospel Reveals God’s Righteousness [17] For in it [the gospel] the righteousness […]


Rest in Christ!

I love how in the Sermon on the Mount (Mt. 5:1 – 7:29) Jesus gives us the Beatitudes first! Christ gives us the promises of God saying you and I, as Christians, ARE blessed before He gets into telling us how we should respond in faith to these promises. We are not blessed because of […]


The Atoning Work of Christ

Being the beginning of Holy Week, I wanted to take a look at Christ’s death on the cross, or His atoning work. These are notes from my latest Sunday School lesson, so they’ll be in more of a bullet point format. It begins with His words at the Last Supper (Mt. 26:26-69). Atonement What is […]


Thoughts From Ephesians 1

There are some major, overarching themes in Ephesians that are fantastic and empowering when we take some time and examine them. I’m not going to examine them all in detail in this post, but we’ll take a look at a few of them. God’s glory (majesty, holiness, apart-ness). – Eph. 1:6, 12, 14 God’s wisdom […]


Pride, Despair, or Rebellion: The 3 Outcomes of Legalism

What do we do with commands in the New Testament since we are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone? Take Ephesians chapters 4 & 5 for example. They are chock full of commands and rules. If someone were to just pick up the Bible and flip to these two chapters and […]


Some Really Great News!

This section of Scripture has captivated me for some time now. I pray that it always does. This is the best news in human history! This passage shows God’s wonderful mercy and grace toward us, who were and are helpless. He is the great Rescuer. This passage knocks in the head the notion that God […]


Sinners Saved by Grace or Children of the King?

There seems to be an ongoing debate in evangelicalism today concerning salvation. Well okay, several, but I want to discuss one out that tends to polarize Christians in America and one that I run into here in the South quite a bit.  Are Christians “sinners saved by grace”? Or are we “children of the King”? […]


You've Got to do Something with Jesus

No matter what someone’s argument against God’s existence may be (atheism, evolution, etc)… They have to do something with Jesus. History indisputably records the existence of Jesus of Nazareth. No getting away from Him. Most will chalk Him up to being a good teacher, a good philosopher, religious leader or revolutionary. There’s only one problem […]


Jesus Wrath Absorber

*Updated 7.18.10* I love looking back and seeing how God began revealing Himself fresh and anew to me as I sought Him with my whole heart. Praise God He continues to sanctify, teach, guide, and empower us Believers! I have gone back through this post and added a few clarifying statements and verses. Originally title […]