Answering Questions: Finding a Mentor, Avoiding Temptation, Defending Your Faith

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I am joined on this episode by my good friends, Deric Thomas of Christ Fellowship in Gadsden, AL, and Daniel Sheshi. We answer some listeners’ questions covering topics such as: how to find a healthy church, how to find a mentor, how a young believer can avoid temptation with friends and at work, and much more. I really enjoyed my time in studio with my brothers and I’m sure you will be helped by their advice and biblical counsel. Connect with the show – | Website Twitter Facebook |

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Discipleship Inside the Home

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Show Notes

I am joined on this episode by my good friend, Deric Thomas of Christ Fellowship in Gadsden, AL, as we offer a brief theological overview on what God, in His Word has called fathers to in the family. We also seek to provide some practical advice on how we shepherd the children in our homes and what ideas might work for you in your home.

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New Marriage & Parenting Resources Added

I really enjoy reading/listening to good advice that inspires and encourages me in my walk with Christ and as a husband and dad. Tim Challies is someone I read from time to time because I know I can trust his advice to be Bible centered and gospel focused. He is a pastor, blogger, author who has a firm grasp on God’s Word and good insight into our Western culture. Recently I found a few of his older articles that really convicted/encouraged me as a husband & father. I have added them to the “Articles & Links” section of the site and wanted to make you all aware of their addition. I believe you would benefit from browsing his website as well!

6 Deadly Enemies of Marriage – Tim Challies (Article)

6 Deadly Sex & the Mystery of Marriage – Tim Challies (Article)

The Picture Perfect Marriage – Tim Challies (Article Series)

18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing With My Kids – Tim Challies (Article)

The Porn Free Family – Tim Challies (Article)

Tim Challies | Blog | RSS | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Practical Parenting Tips

Though my wife and I haven’t had the most (or as much as some) experience in parenting, we have been blessed to have other godly people speek into our lives. We have been helped through wonderful relationships and by reading many solid parenting books (and blog posts) from a Christian worldview.

Any time I run across resources I believe will be helpful to men raising godly families, I want to pass them on. In his post, Advice for Parenting Young Kids, Steve McCoy has provided a great list of practical advice. We have used many of these techniques and ideas for a long time and I can recommend this list to you without reservation. I have another series concerning practical advice for leading your children spiritually. But McCoy’s post is just solid, helpful, all around parenting advice.

Pam and I currently have three awesome kiddos, our oldest girl (9), middle boy (7), and youngest girl (3) are “my crew.” God has truly blessed us by placing them in our home to shepherd, steward, and lead. By His grace we pray that we will parent them (and any others He decides to sovereignly place in our family) well! May God bless you and give you grace and wisdom as you shepherd your “quiver of arrows!”

Gospel Centered Advent Guide

Advent Guide 2012

Just so you know right from the start, this is not a “traditional” Advent guide. This guide was created out of a desire to focus on the whole gospel at a time when we usually focus only on the birth of Christ. Celebrating His birth is a very good thing, but if we don’t understand why He came, then we are really just celebrating the birth of a cute little Jewish baby.

My family and I have done an Advent wreath for years and I’ve never found a guide that I was 100% comfortable with. So, this guide is my attempt to produce something for my family that we could use year after year. I pray that you and your family will be able to benefit from it as well. May God bless you as you lead your family in the worship of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ!

This guide has five weeks of material if you were to use it 3 – 5 nights a week. It incorporates the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones for the younger kids. It also has a list of suggested activities for your family through this season.

There are two versions. The content is the exact same. One is very visual and graphic-heavy. This one looks better, but is a larger file. The other one still looks good, but is text only. You can get either below.

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”#850d19″ text=”grey” window=”yes”]Gospel Centered Advent Guide – Text Only PDF[/button]

[button link=”” style=”download” color=”#850d19″ text=”grey” window=”yes”]Gospel Centered Advent Guide – Full PDF[/button]

If anyone out there does decide to use this for your family this year I would love to hear your feedback on how you think it could improve for next year. I would also love to hear any suggestions on activities your family does for the Advent season that aren’t listed in the guide.


Helpful Books on Marriage

*UPDATED* Below is a list of books on Christian marriage I have either read or gotten a strong referrals for from men I trust. They are taken from a larger list of “Recommended Reading” covering topics on marriage, parenting, manhood, doctrine/theology, and Christian living. Disclaimer: Just because I recommend a book for reading does not necessarily mean that I agree with every single premis or view the author takes up. My recommendation comes based on the fact that the helpful, Christ-centered views contained within the book outweigh any views I may personally disagree with.

Please feel free to leave a comment suggesting books on the topic of marriage that will help others grow in their relationship with Christ and their spouse. Please list the title, author, and a few brief thoughts on how the book has helped you in your marriage.


New Content 6.4.12

New content is here. As often as I find new resources that help me accomplish my tasks of loving and leading my family well, I like to pass them along. Here are the latest few articles I have found helpful. They are listed below and can also be found along with the other articles HERE.


10 Practical Ways to Love your Wife – Brian Croft

You Can’t Say This Enough – John Piper

Parental Discipline Without Provocation (wisdom from Lloyd-Jones) – Kevin DeYoung

11 Practical Ways for Men to Lead Their Family – Mark Driscoll

Mark Driscoll Blog/Marriage and his blog for Parenting

Teaching Tools

Torchlighter “Heros of the Faith” DVDs – A wonderful teaching resources for your children!



New Content 2-25-12

New content has been added to the website. As always I like to send out updates after adding a few new items to let people know what has changed. Thanks for taking a look!

New Content

Videos from Doug Wilson on biblical masculinity – In the Videos section.

Catechism For Boys and Girls – In the Articles section.

Watch Your Conjunctions In Parenting – In the Articles section.

Family Shepherds by Voddie Baucham – In the Recommended Reading section.

The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller – In the Recommended Reading section.

Featured Content

Social Resources – Guys or websites I follow for resources.

God In The Dock by C.S. Lewis – In the Recommended Reading section.

What Family Leadership Looks Like in My Home by Chad Gray – In the Blog section.

Have any resources you’d like to recommend? I’d love to hear about them. Just leave a comment below. Thanks!


What Family Leadership Looks Like In My Home

In speaking to many men over the past few years I keep hearing a recurring theme. Guy after guy says something to the effect of, “I know I should be leading my home, I just don’t know what to do or where to start.” I give them a few ideas, share parts of my story and then wrap it up with “Just start doing something.”

So I decided I would pull back the curtain and let people know what it looks like in my home for me to lead out spiritually. This is in no way meant to be braggadocious on me or my wife. All credit and glory belongs to God alone. I wish I had time to tell of the immeasurable healing and restoration that He has brought into my family! Nor is this me trying to tell other men exactly how they should lead in their homes. Every home is unique and as such will operate a bit differently.

I’m merely trying to call attention to the fact that as men, we are the pastors of our families! This is our calling in life. It is our job to pass on our faith, teaching them who God is. We ARE leading our families whether we know it or not. The question is: Where and to whom are we leading them?

In this post I will focus on what family leadership looks like in regard to my children. I’ll deal with leading our wives in another post.

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Advent Season Devotional Guide

The Advent season is a time for reflecting and focusing on the realities that are ours in Christ as a result of His first coming into human history as a man. It is easy in our culture to get wrapped up in all the hustle, noise, pageantry, and commercialism of it all. I know, I did it for years. That’s why I search every year for great resources that will help me, as a dad, keep my family focused on Christ and still enjoy the traditions and togetherness and gifts of the season.

The guide that I have provided is something that I ran across at the Village Church’s website. Most of the personal and family devotions come from their guide. My family and I haven’t gone through this particular guide together, but I read through it and trust the leadership at that church. I think we and everyone else will benefit greatly from it. I also added a few things to it that I will be doing with my family. So, I wanted to put it all together and offer it to other families for this holiday season.

It’s a little different than your traditional Advent devotional that would normally focus the whole 4 weeks on Christ’s Messianic prophecies and His birth. This guide goes through the prophecies, His birth, His death and resurrection, and our hope in a Heavenly Kingdom to come. It helps us understand not only how Christ came (as a baby boy) but also why He came and what we have to look forward to because of His coming.

It also includes references to stories from “The Jesus Story Book Bible”. If you have small children, I highly recommend this Bible as a tool to help you point every story in the Bible to Christ!

[button link=”” size=”large” style=”download” color=”red” border=”black” text=”light” window=”yes”]Advent Guide PDF[/button]

New on the Website – Resources

I have recently found two blog series that I love. The posts come from men whom, as far as I can tell by their content and web presence and pastoral positions, I trust. Dave Bruskas is a Mars Hill campus pastor who has raised 4 daughter, so of course his series is about parenting daughters. Scott Thomas is president of the Acts 29 Network and has raised two boys. Both men have their children out of the house or getting close to being all gone. That means they are now where I will be in about 10-12 years.

I love it when men of God, who are further along in the battle field of biblical parenting, take time to turn around and yell out warnings, cautions and advice to those of us striving to please God in stewarding the gifts He has given us. I am thankful for these guys and believe their content is a great addition to this site.








You can find ALL articles about parenting listed on this site here.


Social Media Resources

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A lot of the resources I find come to me through mediums such as Twitter, Facebook, & RSS feed subscriptions. I thought it would be a good idea to share some of the more helpful resource sites that I pull information from. Below is a list of sources with links to their Facebook, Twitter, and RSS feeds if they have them.

Get Social With It…

More to come…

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New Site Content

I am constantly trying to add content to the website that is relevant to the site’s goals and helpful to others. Since there is no way to subscribe to individual pages for changing content, the best way I know to inform people of an update is to send out a periodical post with the new content.