August 11, 2012

The Power of the Preached Word

Romans 8:31-39 contains some of the most inspiring, beautiful, motivating promises in all of the New Testament. We are promised, if we are in Christ, that: God is for us, we have everything we need in Christ, no charges brought against us will stand, because God is our justifier, we cannot be condemned, Christ Himself is interceding for us, none of the trials mentioned (Rom 8:35-39) can separate us from God’s love for us in Christ!

We are not, however, promised that we will be kept from the trials, only that they will not ultimately defeat us. In Christ we have the ultimate victory – life eternal with Him! So many of us, myself included, spend most of our lives trying to avoid the trials mentioned instead of following Jesus whole-heartedly and depending on His strength and grace to get us through. Because we have the promises proclaimed by Paul, we can confidently and boldly abandon ourselves to the cause of Christ.

In his message to The Gathering, B. Taylor did an outstanding job communicating these truths to us. I encourage you to listen to his entire message “The Motivating Power of Our Future Hope of Glory.” He expands on the depth of the promises God gives us in the gospel and what it means for us, the Church. This has really made me examine my own life and repent of trying to shield myself and not trust Christ. My favorite part of the message is at the very end when he reminds us that, “There are zero commands in this passage.” To turn this into a “do” passage would be to confuse the meaning of the whole thing.

This is a phenomenal message simply because he stayed true to the gospel saturated Text! He realized that he did not have to give a big moralistic, motivational speech. Men preach the Word and it is the Spirit of God through the preached Word of God that motivates and changes lives!

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