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Before you learn more about this site, please be sure you know the truth about JesusHis Gospel! The information on this site will be of most help to men who love God by the power of the Holy Spirit and desire to glorify Him by loving and serving those around themselves, which is what biblical manhood is all about.

The Site

This site was put together for the sole purposes of helping men recognize and step into the roles God has called us to (in regard to our family, church, community, etc.) in His Word. This is accomplished by sharing helpful linkssitesmessagesbooks, and other great resources that have helped guide me in my journey as a Christian man. It also allows a place to share what God is doing in my life. From time to time I run across sites, podcasts, books, or articles that help me out–deepen my knowledge and love for the gospel. So, I have tried to categorize and share them with you. I hope they help. If you have any resources you would like to share or you see a way the website could improve and be more helpful please feel free to contact me.

The hope is that there would be a fine balance of doctrinal/theological instruction and practical advice for taking action. We see both in the New Testament (especially the epistles), though it doesn’t offer advice, but gives commands. The most zealous man’s zeal will fade if he is doing things with wrong motives or without a solid foundation. And a man who gorges himself on theology without action only proves that he doesn’t genuinely believe all he says he believes.

The main focus of this site is to help men in the leadership of their homes, churches, community, vocation, etc., and growth in holiness. I chose this focal point because I saw a need for direction and tools. We all know as Christian men that we should be leading out, and we are constantly told we need to do a better job. But if you’re like me I was always paralyzed by the “how to”. The resources shared here are those that have helped me so much along the way.

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Chad Gray

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God saved me out of a life of reckless abandon to a completely self-indulgent lifestyle in January 1999. My wife Pam and I got married in June of 2001 and we currently we have 3 awesome children. There are so many things God has taught me in my short time as a believer–especially in the area of family.  That is why I have made it part of my ministry to tell men what He has done in my life and what He expects of us as men. I was in full time ministry for a season of my life and loved it… too much! I almost lost my family because of the way I treated my wife and kids during that time by neglecting them and neglecting my own personal spiritual disciplines. I made a choice, to leave full time ministry, that changed my life forever. God has worked miracles in my family and fully restored what was damaged by my immaturity and idolatry. He has also used this time to mature me as a Believer and become more grounded in my faith (what I believe & why). Now, years later, with a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and with my priorities properly aligned, I am ready for whatever He has for me and the family He allows me to lead. I believe ministering to my brothers in Christ  will always be a part of my life. So many of us out there are in the same boat, not leading or pastoring our family because we either don’t feel the weight of it, or we just don’t know what to do. Whether we are a full time minister or full time wrench turner, our calling as husbands and dads is clear (Eph. 5:22-6:4)!

Daniel Sheshi

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Daniel Sheshi is a yet-to-be-married British-Nigerian and serves as a lay member of Christ Fellowship Church Gadsden. He is presently working towards an undergraduate in Church Ministry with hopes to pursue an M.Div in the near future.