Training Them Well

As a parent of three younger children, I’m always wrestling with issues of how to instruct them in the faith, love them well, lead them faithfully by example, and so on. More than I want them to behave, do well in school, get a good job, live wisely, find a good spouse, or be a productive citizen (as important as these all are), I want them to know and love the God of the universe who loves them and gave Himself up for them. I know I cannot make them love Jesus or force them believe truth. My job is to faithfully teach them the truth of God’s Word, tell them of the beauty of His gospel, instruct them in holy living, etc., all the while praying that God, in His mercy, would do in their hearts what He alone can do.

I am always looking for resources and wise counsel to help me in this endeavor. One of the podcasts I listen to frequently has recently started a series on parenting, students, student ministry philosophy, kids in our culture, and more. It has been a very interesting series so far. I have benefitted from the broadcasts and the resources they provide along with the broadcasts on their website.

The weekly podcast is called the White Horse Inn and I have provided links to the episodes in this latest series below (listed oldest to most recent). For each episode you will find the 30 – 40 minute broadcast audio, articles from the host and guests, as well as additional links and resources. I hope you find it as helpful to your Christian parenting as I have.

Youth Ministry In Crisis

The State of Youth Ministry

Keeping Our Kids – Pt. 1

Keeping Our Kids – Pt.2

Sustainable Discipleship

Giving Up Gimmicks

Taking Every Thought Captive

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