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I love the internet. It can be used for our good (building us up in the faith and helping us understand more about God and the roles He has called us to) or it can be used to tear us down (controlling us and ripping apart our families). It has worked both for and against me and I want to continue to use it to help us grow as a men of faith. To do that I have found that I and most, if not all, other men need accountability. Listed below are a few sites that provide helpful content or have developed software for both spiritual growth and accountability.

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Parenting | Family

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Computer Monitoring | Accountability

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Bibles | Study Tools

  • ESV Online Study Bible – This has been one of the most useful Bible study site I have used. It is loaded with information, notes, and foot notes. Everything that is in the ESV Study Bible print version is online here and they have gone to great lengths to make it easy to find and use the information. You can use the ESV online Bible and footnotes for free, or purchase the right to use the study notes for a $19.99 one time fee. If you purchase a print edition, the online version is included in that. They also have a free iPhone/iPad app.
  • Blueletter Bible – Multiple Bible versions, multiple verse retrieval for copying and pasting, commentaries, concordance, maps, images… Great site.
  • – John Piper’s method for studying the Bible involve a system called “arcing”. This site is dedicated to showing how to integrate this method into your Bible study habits.
  • Bible Gateway – Multiple Bible versions, commentaries, dictionary, and concordance.
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Spiritual Growth | Study Tools